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The TwistSix Difference

There's a little something that makes us different from the other web agencies.

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Our passion for the work we do reflects in the small details.

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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

-Steve Jobs

About Us

From day one, we have always been different for a reason.


Our name comes from the six languages the founder knew when he decided to set out on the adventure of starting a new agency. He would combine these languages, or "twist" them together, in order to create seamless websites which were not only technically sound, but also visually appealing.

That eye for detail and enthusiasm for pixel perfection that led to the founding of TwistSix radiates through everything we do.

Who We Are

We are designers and developers who grew tired of working for companies who saw each project as a paycheck. We wanted to create something different. We wanted a new environment for ourselves and the clients we work with.

We are dreamers who want to bring success and results to every project we touch. We despise the practice of forcing clients to choose between aesthetics and functionality. So we don't.

The Difference

The Difference is something every client experiences. We utilize a portal where clients can view and print relevant documents, monitor the site's progress during production, and make comments on anything they like or dislike.

Communication is vital to the success, quality, and customer satisfaction when it comes to creative projects. For this reason, we have made communication and accessibility the center of every project.

Once the your project is live we work with you the same way an internal development team would to maintain and suggest updates to your project. Our goal is to worry about everything so you don't have to. A simple phone call or email is all it takes to know any needed edits have been done.

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